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Water conservation is a practice in which people, companies, and governments attempt to reduce their water usage. The goal of water conservation may be to address an ongoing water shortage, or to make lifestyle modifications to be more environmentally friendly.

Water management is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the management of water resources. People in this field are concerned with ensuring that a supply of clean, potable water will be available to people who need it, while balancing the needs of industry and the environment.


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Gain an understanding of water management and conservation with practical knowledge and skills as well as an insight into water recycling and industrial applications.

This course is complimentaed by courses in alternative energy, enviromental waste management, enviromental assessment, landscape restoration and a number of courses from Careerlines Agricultural and Horticultural range. An invaliable course for anyone consideing a career in local enviromental management, improving agricultural practice or even for international aid agencies

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There are 10 lessons in this course:

  1. Introduction to water conservation
    - Importance of Water
    - The Water Cycle
    - Water Sources and Storage Water Quality
    - Facts on Water Uses (at home, in primary and other industries)
    - Why conserver water? (Personal, Regional, and Global Significance) 
  2. Water conservation at home
    - Specific Regions: Australia, United Kingdom, United States
    - Measures undertaken to save water
    - Water Saving Devices 
  3. Water conservation in the workplace
    - General Principles
    - Implementing Water-saving strategies
    - Installing small appliances
    - Large water saving devices 
  4. Water management
    - Water Quality: salinity and chemical contaminants
    - Controlling use and Quality of Water: water flow, measurement, testing salinity
    -  Preserving Water Quality: minimizing evaporation, water salination
    - Water Audits
    - Water Management Plans 
  5. Water conservation in Primary Production I
    - Water Saving Measures
    - Water Wise Plants
    - Water Wise Procedures
    - Water Wise Landscaping
    - Equipment, Structures, and Tools to Save Water 
  6. Water conservation in Primary Production II
    - Use of water in primary production
    - Methods of Water Storage
    - Rainwater collection and storage
    - Bore water
    -  Farm dams planning, lined ponds
    - Water requirements, Livestock requirements, Domestic requirements
    - Water Quality
    - Water Problems on Farms: contamination and disposal of water, evaporation, seepage, runoff, overspray, scheduling 
    - Use of Farm Waste Water
    - Irrigation System Design
    - Maintenance Procedures and Scheduling
    - Surface/ Flood Irrigation
    - Sprinkler Irrigation
    - Swales and Keylines 
  7. Water conservation in Services industries
    - Use of Water in Services Industry
    - Contamination and Disposal of Water
    - Reduce/ Reuse? Recycle 
  8. Water conservation and Health
    - Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Laundries, Clinical Laboratories, Dental Practices, Human and Animal Research Facilities
    - Uses of Water in Health Industry Control Pathogens, General Use
    - Water Minimization
    - Water Efficiency 
  9. Water conservation in other sectors
    - Use of Water in Manufacturing, Construction, and Heavy Industry
    - Water use in the Production Process
    - Examples of Water Using Activities in Flood Facilities
    - Water Holding
    - Benefits of Cleaner Production 
  10. Water treatment, reuse and recycling
    - Water Sanitation Filtering and Disinfection
    - Water Reuse and Recycling: Classification and Composition of Waste Water
     - Wastewater Treatment
    - Suitable Plants
    - Treating Saline Water 
Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.


  • Explain the importance of water in the world and the reasons for its sustainable conservation and management.
  • Explain the importance of water conservation and methods to save water at the workplace.
  • Explain the importance of water conservation and methods to save water at home.
  • Explain water flow and quality control.
  • Explain water audits and water management plans.
  • Explain the importance of water conservation and methods to save water in Horticulture
  • Explain the importance of water conservation and methods to save water in Agriculture.
  • Explain the importance of water conservation and methods to save water in the Services Industry.
  • Explain the importance of water conservation and methods to save water in the Health Industry and allied services.
  • Explain the importance of water conservation and methods to save water in other occupations.
  • Explain water sanitation and wastewater treatment methods and the difference with water reuse and recycling.
Enrolment Information
Philippine: P13,500.00 PHP
Course Code: BEN302
Duration: 100 hours
Qualification: Certificate
Exam: Optional
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