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Self-sufficiency is the art of surviving with minimal outside aid and involves a lot more than just growing your own vegetables. Our self-sufficiency courses cover all aspects including lifestyle choices and utilising the resources you have available, animal husbandry, horticulture – including fruit, vegetables and herbs, food production, building and alternative energy options.

Permaculture is a practical and philosophical framework to approaching long-term agricultural self-sufficiency which dovetails beautifully with self-sufficiency.  Upon satisfactory completion of the course and exam, students are awarded both a Careerline courses Certificate in Permaculture and an additional Permaculture Design Certificate.

Other courses which complement the online self-sufficiency courses are aquaculture, aquaponics and poultry. Depending on your needs and location, you will find many more options in Careerline courses Agriculture and Horticulture sections

For students who are serious about self-sufficiency, we suggest looking at the Advanced Certificate in Self-Sufficiency.

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