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Aquaculture and mariculture (marine or salt water aquaculture) is the husbandry of fresh and salt water populations of fish, cray, crustaceans and molluscs. Aquaculture can also be incorporated into hydroponic systems to provide a food supply of vegetables/herbs along with fish – this practice is known as aquaponics.

Aquaculture is one of the fasted growing sectors in agriculture worldwide, in 2011 the FAO reported that of a total world fisheries yield of 154 million tonnes, aquaculture (including mariculture) produced just over 63 million tonnes of that yield. the total yield has increased yearly from total yield of 47 million tonnes in 2006.

We offer 4 courses; one each in aquaculture, mariculture and aquaponics, and for students looking for more in-depth study we recommend the Advanced Certificate in Aquaculture.

We also offer 100 hour courses in marine biology – which examine the anatomy, physiology and environment of marine groups.

Feel free to browse around and read about the courses, if you have any questions please email our friendly staff at info@careerlinecourses.asia or phone us on +63 2 436-9118.

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