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Online Animal Courses from Aquaculture to Zoology

Careerline offers a wide range of animal care courses, including specialised courses such as Dog Psychology, Cat Psychology, Animal Diseases, Aquarium Management and more. We also have a range of wildlife and zookeeper courses available.

Our Animal Husbandry courses cover a wide range of agricultural animals such as Sheep, Goat, Pig, Poultry, Beef (and Dairy) Cattle and more, additional our Husbandry A, B and C cover anatomy and physiology, nutrition and health care of a range of agricultural animals.

Horse care is covered by our range equine studies, including the specialised modules: horse behaviour and horse breeding. Additionally, Careerline also offers a range of animal behaviour and aquaculture courses.

We believe in making learning fit into your life. There for all our courses are offered via online delivery with printed notes available, qualified tutors and unlimited tutor support by email. Payment plans are available if necessary.  Courses are self-paced so you can fit your assignments around your life!

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